Friday, October 12, 2012

Dick Cheney Heart Transplant

Former Vice President Dick Cheney Recovering from Heart Transplant. Cheny's Condition After Surgery


Former Vice President Dick Cheney Recovering: and the liberal media bashing the hospital for saving Dick Cheney's life


CBS News states that A message from the former vice president's office said the 71-year-old is now recovering in the intensive care unit somewhere outside Washington. It is said that Cheney has been on the waiting list for approximately two years; he waited on a list just as any one else without any special treatment. His family has stated that although they do not know the identity of the donor, they will be forever grateful for this lifesaving gift. Former Vice President Dick Cheney has had heart problems since his mid thirties, suffering his first heart attack at age 37, and undergoing numerous heart surgeries ever since. He eventually suffered five heart attacks and received a pacemaker. Dick Cheney served as Vice President to President George W. Bush vice from 2001 to 2009.

All the Republican Presidential candidates have been sending wishes for a speedy recovery. A very uplifting statement from Newt Gingrich, "Vice President Cheney is in our thoughts and prayers tonight, as he recovers from surgery," also I hope that his recovery is peaceful, and we wish him and his family all of the best." Mitt Romney and his wife, "Ann and I send our thoughts and prayers to Vice President Cheney for a fast and full recovery. " The distressing news is how the mainstream media is tactlessly raising a "controversy" over whether or not Cheney should have been considered for a heart transplant because he is old. As a nurse and daughter of an 84 year old, I do not consider 71 to be too old for life. I also take great offense personally and professionally to the liberal media, including ABC, and NBC for asking the question, "is Dick Cheney too old for a Heart transplant?" and the predictable propaganda that is already coming out stating that Dick Cheney got special treatment by doctors and nurses by being extra nice to him because of who he is.

Well if he did, that is a fact of life and a reality that no one can change. President Obama would get special treatment and so would Phyllis Diller, or Joe Biden. These are not the things that should be written and light heartedly talked about when a man's life is on the line. If these things were written about my father I would be furious. These are unprofessional and heartless political propaganda issues that have no place when a family is battling real issues concerning health. Dick Cheney's life is threatened by illness, and there should be no place for using bad health to boost a political party. Do democrats really want the doctors to let Dick Cheney die because he is a Republican? Do they just want to use this heart transplant to keep themselves irate over anything related to the Republican party? When one can put their political views aside long enough to avoid swallowing the latest hype, and use a little common sense, and discernment, it is very easy to see through the nonsense, and resent the talking heads for putting it there. Hating anyone associated with a party that is not yours is ignorant. The Democratic party should learn to practice what it preaches. This boils right down to The Hypocrisy of the Intolerant Liberal Left.

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