Monday, July 1, 2013

The Liberal Party Lies About Conservatives to Keep Americas Stupid & Poor

The liberal party will claim to be the party that cares about people while it has one hand in your back pocket. Unfortunately, most Americans don't know a thing about the economy and don't think much about politics until a major election is on its way. When given the choice of candidates they are so uninformed about what their choices really are that the resort to who is the nice guy and who is the mean one. They ask themselves, who likes wants to help the middle class by taking away the choices of healthcare and making it all uniform and government controlled, or what does he think of abortion, and does he like gays. None of these issues are important when choosing a president, and the democratic party is wise to conceal their true agenda by talking about the frilly things that are meaningless to the election. Republicans do NOT say that women who are victims of incest or rape and get pregnant should have to have the baby, but when listening to the liberal talkers one would believe that this is exactly what the conservatives believe. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, an extreme left wing liar deliberately "misunderstood" Mitt Romney when Romney said that he believes in abortion for women who are in trouble. Sadly, most liberals will listen to people like Debbie Wasserman and not even question the validity of what she said, but will instead, become irate at the Republicans for "hating women."

Yes, "hating women" is what they tagged Mitt Romney with, and unfortunately, most people are not independent thinkers and therefore swallowed the Kool Aid whole instead of just looking at the facts. Mitt Romney- A good looking, well to do man who could have easily had affairs all over town and trashed his wife to the side, creating a nightmare humiliation for her in the same manner that democrat Bill Clinton did to his doormat wife, Hilary Clinton. When the liberal press spent months working overtime to try and find just one woman to claim that Mitt flirted with her, going back to the 1960s, they came up with absolutely nothing. Now that is some strong evidence that Mitt has self discipline, respects his wife, and that he is a man of integrity and honesty. When the liberals could not make a Bill Clinton out of him it turned success, integrity and faithfulness into dirty words. While the general public bought the profile that the press was framing Mitt Romney with, Obama's incompetence as a president was brushed under the rug. Even when a major scandal that the American people should have been consumed with, such as what happened in Benghazi, the public still accepted the obvious lies from Hilary Clinton and the Obama administration and did not demand facts. As long as the liberals know that they can throw the American people a bone and that most of the public will bite, they know that they can get away with murder.

Beyonce Goes to Cuba

The liberal party has Hollywood on its side. While most of us hate the idea of slavery and would never say that people of a certain color should have to give up their freedom and work for someone without pay, the socialist/communist lifestyle that democrats long for is really no different. Celebrity Beyonce went to Cuba and made a huge public event out of it. She knows that the liberal media are going to giver her credit for going to Cuba and supporting Castro, the dictator who has enslaved an entire country. The liberal hypocrisy is doubled when one examines that the liberal platform is anti rich, yet mega millionaires who don't have to work their way up from nothing by building their own businesses, such as Beyonce are just fine, while entrepreneurs who are trying to build a business to get ahead are the evil rich who should have their businesses attacked so that their wealth be redistributed.

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